Private Sessions/Groups

Individual sessions. Semi-private sessions. Private groups. Your personalized experience.


Group Sessions are perfect for ladies' or mens' night out, birthdays, bachelorette/bachelor parties, corporate team building or just hanging out with a group of your friends. Choose from AntiGravity® Fitness or Brazilian Jiu Jitsu private group instruction!
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Find it difficult to attend more than one or two classes per week? Have a schedule conflict? Prefer private instruction? If you answered yes to one of these questions, or simply want to quickly advance your training, consider private sessions.


$80/private session
$130/semi-private (2 clients)

1 hour

1. Personalized Plans
Take flight with personalized one-on-one instruction from one of our highly skilled and caring certified AntiGravity® Fitness instructors. Whether it is to address a specific therapeutic purpose or to enhance your technique in group AntiGravity® Fitness classes, private sessions ensure you are gently guided in the right direction for your particular needs. Work towards goals that suit your body and temperament and maximize your own personal growth – safely enveloped in the Harrison AntiGravity® Hammock.

2. Comfort
You may experience minor discomfort in your first couple classes. Your body is experiencing something new or something it hasn’t done in years. Some uneasiness is normal and will go away after your first few inversions and training your body’s response to being upside down. You may choose to get these potential feelings out of the way in private sessions before attending a group class.

There is no prerequisite for a private session.


$125/personal training session

1 hour

1. Instant Feedback
In a personal training session, your instructor is your partner for every technique, so they can physically feel all of your movements and provide instant feedback on every detail.

2. Faster Discovery of Your Style
Everyone has a different body type; therefore, many techniques still require some modification to fit the abilities of each student. For some students it can take years to adapt or find a style that works best for them. In personal training sessions, your instructor will help you discover your “game” more quickly so that you can maximize your proficiency based on your age, weight, height, and athletic abilities.

3. Learn Advanced Techniques
It’s no secret that Black Belts have a huge arsenal of techniques from which to draw on; some techniques are just too complicated to teach to a group of beginners. In a personal training session it is easier to teach you advanced techniques as well as key strategies that are often overlooked, undiscovered, or simply too advanced to teach in a group class.