Christopher Harrison has been practicing yoga since the early 1990’s, dance since the 1980’s and gymnastics since the 1970’s. Professionally, he is the Founder & Artistic Director of AntiGravity® Inc., an entertainment and fitness brand established in 1991. Harrison is a Broadway aerial choreographer and dancer and also a world-class competitive gymnastics specialist/coach who formed the acrobatic performance team, AntiGravity®, as an expression of his love for creating movement. He is the inventor of the silk hammock apparatus and creator of AntiGravity® Fitness, the pioneer program that originated the new exercise field called “suspension training”, and the only AFAA & ACE certified technique of its genre. His intention is to inspire the world to greater health, wealth and happiness through his creations. Mr. Harrison’s guarantee: “If one can ‘suspend their disbelief’ for an hour I can bring them to better health and less pain, increase their physical height, and allow them to feel the joy of flying in just one class.”

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