Student Etiquette

The safety of our students is the most important aspect of our BJJ program – so here are some rules (and general etiquette) that we ask everyone to follow:

All students taking part in class MUST check in at the front desk (even if you are just showing up for an open mat session).

Absolutely no foul language inside the academy.

Arrive 10 minutes prior to scheduled class.

The uniform must be clean at all times. A dirty uniform is a sign of disrespect.

Hygiene is essential:

Hands and feet should be clean

Finger and/or toenails shall be free from dirt and neatly clipped

Long hair should be tied to where it will not interfere with training

If you are coming to class directly from work or other activity and have had an exceptionally odorous day – please shower before class.

All jewelry, piercings, etc. should be removed.

No shoes, food or drink on the mat.

No cell phones in the training area.

We provide our students with a selection of quality Gi’s for purchase in our retail store; and we don’t mind if you have a favourite brand of Gi that you would like to purchase from somewhere else; but we do require only blue or white Gi’s to be worn in our academy.

Always show respect by referring to the Black Belts as “Professor”.

Don’t be afraid to tap and let go as soon as your partner taps

Don’t talk while the instructor is demonstrating something. This is both rude and disrespectful. Also, please keep a respectful posture in the training area.

Respect the hierarchy on the mats – The longer you have trained or the higher your belt rank, the more seniority you have. When training, the lower ranks are required to yield mat space to the higher belts.

We follow a very specific curriculum, where the primary focus is the safety of our students – so only the Professors or assistant instructors are permitted to teach other students. If you are not a Black Belt or an assistant instructor (employed by the Academy), please refrain from teaching techniques to other students. Likewise students should only ask for assistance with technique from a Black Belt or an assistant instructor.

Traditionally, the unspoken rule in BJJ is that you do not ask a higher belt to spar (especially if they are a Black Belt). However, if you are polite and respectful, most senior students won’t mind if you do.

Try to view your sparring partners as people who are there to help you learn. If you go excessively hard with them, sooner or later they are going to go hard with you. A little hint – if you “tapped” a Black Belt or a significantly higher belt than you – you really didn’t – they let you so you could get the most of your training experience. Make sure that ego is checked. If ever in doubt, watch how a Black Belt rolls with a White or Blue Belt, and then watch how they roll with another Black Belt.

Be CAREFUL when applying submissions. Many of the injuries that occur in BJJ are caused by students who lack self-control and apply moves with too much brute force. Try not to be one of these people – nobody likes them, and nobody wants to roll with them.

White Belts are not permitted to perform Leg Locks or Wrist Locks of any kind – likewise, higher belts are not allowed to perform these techniques on White Belts. This rule will be strictly enforced – to the point of asking you to train somewhere else if you do not follow it. Safety first at our academy.

If you have questions, always ask the instructor, no matter how silly you think the question may be – if you are new, we prefer you ask tons of questions and feel more comfortable when training then not knowing and worrying about doing something wrong.

Remember to breathe. Oxygen is good.

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu will change your life – we guarantee it. Have fun, be safe, and we hope you enjoy many years of training.

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