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Alison’s love of experiencing new things is what led her to try AntiGravity® Fitness in 2014 and she was immediately hooked. She quickly learned that it is a unique workout for the body and refocuses a busy mind.

In 2015, Alison was fortunate to travel from coast-to-coast to complete her Teacher Trainings with AntiGravity® Master Instructors in New York, LA and Salt Lake City. In 2016, Alison was invited to become a 1Star AntiGravity® Fitness Instructor and traveled to Switzerland to complete the training. She was, and still is, overwhelmed by the kindness, support and sense of community within the international AntiGravity family. Alison’s “flyers” can expect clear cues, a steady flow, fresh playlists and success in every class!

InFlight Fitness started with a passion, that led to a vision, that become a reality. Alison and her husband Jeff followed their dream to share this passion with the Calgary community.

Out of the hammock, Alison is traveling the world, seeking out the latest and greatest local restaurants and spending every sunny minute outdoors. Alison is a Certified Professional Accountant (CPA) originally hailing from small town Saskatchewan.

Certifications: AntiGravity® Fitness 1Star Instructor (Fundamentals 1&2, Aerial Yoga 1&2, Suspension Fitness 1&2, AIRbarre®, Restorative Yoga, Just Kids, 1on1, Fundamentals 1&2 Teacher Trainer, 1on1 Teacher Trainer), canfitpro FIS, First Aid & CPR-C.

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